The outdoor street pole banner system that looks great for many years because it survives the elements without fraying, tearing, shredding, peeling, cracking, or deteriorating


Patented Perma-Banner Outdoor Pole Banner System

Easily installed and long lasting advertising

Our Perma-Banner System is an exciting new technology for creating and hanging vertical street pole banners, light pole and lamp post banners. The system combines strong, light-weight, aluminum Banner Panels with an exclusive "No Fly Away" Vertical Mounting Bracket of extruded aluminum. The banner panels can be cut to most desired shapes and will not fray, tear, shred, crack or wrinkle like typical fabric banners. Banner graphics use UV laminated eco-solvent printed vinyl graphics that are fade-resistant and will stay vibrant for many years. The Vertical Mounting Bracket is easily installed to all popular street and light poles using quick to secure steel strapping.

The Perma-Banner Sign System has a 5 Year Warranty

A wide range of uses...

Ideal for Boulevard and Avenue Banners, Campus Banners, Main Street Banners, Municipal and Township Banners, Pride Banners, Car Lot Banners, Parking Lot Banners, Welcome Banners, Business Dirstrict Banners, School Banners, Logo Banners, Community Event Banners, and more.


Fits variety of Pole Types

Our mounting bracket securely fits square, round, triangular, hexagon and octagon post shapes 3" diameter and larger.

Standard Shapes & Sizes

Some of our standard shapes and sizes are: Rectangle, Angle, Radius, and Peak.
Sizes range from 36"x24" to 72"x30"

Mounting Options

The Perma Banner Pole Mount System is designed to mount to a pole or a wall.
Be sure not to obstruct any public utilities.

Changeable Panel System

Quick-n-Easy changeable panel system allows panels to be replaced or changed for seasonal graphics and event promotions.

"No Fly Away"

Durable, Light-weight, extruded aluminum structure is non-corrosive and has rubber bumpers that provide a secure fit to all popular size street poles.

Make the "Green Choice"

75% recycled aluminum extrusion and eco-solvent graphics, Perma Banner is not just a good choice for your business; it's also a good choice for the planet.

A wide variety of applications

Fits all popular poles and posts because the mounting bracket securely fits square, round, triangular, hexagon, and octagon post shapes 3" diameter and larger

Easy to Install


Carefully unpack the frame and panel assembly from the shipping cartons. Lay the unit on the ground. Remove the sign blade by backing out the set screws. It is recommended to first install the extrusion to the pole, then attach the blade back into the extrusion once the banding and clamps are tight.

Plan & Measure

Plan carefully, it is important to check your clearances before beginning to install Perma-Banner pole signs. Determine the direction in which the panel needs to be seen and be sure it is mounted high enough to clear all obstacles.

Mount It

First fasten the top stainless steel banding strap and clamp to the pole. Second make sure the sign is level and fasten the bottom banding strap and tighten with clamp. Third, thread and tighten the remaining banding straps and clamps through all the middle slots of the extrusion.

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